Standard resins are materials, developed to create parts with a smooth surface finish, high detail and resolution. No post-curing required. Especially recommended for creating strong, precise conceptual models and prototypes used in various industries and medicine. Standard resins professionally reproduce the materials used in traditional production techniques.


Colors available: white, gray, black, and transparent. Rigid and durable material that enables the manufacturing of advanced details without the risk of losing strength. Versatile resins. Ideal for:

  • transparent elements;
  • prototypes and conceptual models;
  • elements of lighting.
kolorowe obiekty wydrukowane w technologii 3D - colorful objects printed in 3D technology - farebné predmety vytlačené 3D technológiou


Color Kit allows you to print many models in one, consistent color, directly from the printer, without additional finishing and painting works. Ideal for:

  • props and figures;
  • concept models.
Wydruk 3D z żywicy standardowej Color Kit


Draft Resin prints up to four times faster than other Standard Resins, making it ideal for initial prototypes and rapid iterations to help bring products to market faster. Ideal for:

  • prototypes and conceptual models;
  • high throughput applications;
  • shape accuracy verification.
obiekty wykonane w technologii druku 3D - objects made in 3D printing technology - predmety vyrobené technológiou 3D tlače