We operate a high-class certified ATOS Compact Scan optical scanner, with the possibility of working at customer’s premises. The scanner ensures high precision while measuring the entire surface of an element, even with a very complex shape. Due to the blue LED light technology, scanning is also possible in difficult lighting conditions (e.g., in a production hall). The scanner is mobile, which allows us to provide the service of scanning not only at our place, but also at the customer’s premises.


The high-resolution data collected with the scanner can be used to create a digital 3D model, surface, and CAD simulation useful for making a replacement or designing a new product. The collected data can also be used to compare objects or ensure compatibility with existing products.

skanowanie 3D - 3D scanning - 3D skenovanie

What are other possibilities for using 3D scanning?

  • 3D inspection and quality control. Comparing the scanned object with the designed model allows for a thorough assessment of the shape and its compliance with the assumptions. The colored deviation map is a convenient tool used for this purpose.
  • Creation of 3D documentation, including technical drawings, CAD models, point clouds, and measurement reports.
  • 3D design, i.e., introducing modifications to scans and designing additional parts matching the model.
  • Rapid prototyping. i.e., efficient and cheap making of prototypes manufactured using the 3D printing technique based on the data obtained through scanning.

VDI certificates confirming the quality of the ATOS scanner.