Design and Development

Our team of experienced engineers provides design services in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, machinery, household appliances, and medical industries. We offer complex creation of a model and its maximum improvement through a series of R&D activities. When we create a product, we base it on the customer’s idea, needs, and expectations. Each project goes through several stages, and we carry out each stage professionally and reliably to achieve a satisfactory result.

Conceptual design

This is the first phase of designing, during which we will create a preliminary product model for a general overview. The received feedback will enable us to refine the proposed product.

Project optimization

In each case, we are looking for the optimal solution in terms of weight, time, costs, and quality

Feasibility study

We evaluate the project in terms of the possibility of reaching the intended result, considering possible technical and other constraints.

CAD construction

Based on the initial concept verified in the previous stages, we create a spatial model of an object.


That is, creating and processing stylistic surfaces. While striving for the highest level of functionality, we do not forget about aesthetics.

Analysis of compliance with standards and norms

We make sure that all the requirements for a given category of products are met.

2D/3D documentation

We prepare technical documentation for a created 3D model, including all necessary information, GD&T, and technical drawings.

CAE analysis

The stage of digital prototyping using the Finite Element Method (FEM), that is, the performance of professional strength calculations of the structure, enabling us to learn the behavior of an object under real conditions.


That is, all the activities to determine if the designed model meets all the requirements set by our customer. Ultimately, we must be sure that the product we create will be exactly as our customer expects it.