Within a short time and without the need to start serial production, we make prototype elements, ready to be presented to investors or customers. Prototyping components with the use of the latest technologies (topological optimization and generative design) significantly improves the entire process.


We manufacture custom instrumentation in the form of tools with the use of 3D printing technology, allowing for the improvement of the entire production process. This type of solution reduces material and time consumption, which ultimately reduces costs.

Jigs and fixtures

We provide professional jigs and fixtures widely used in both the industrial and medical sectors. The additive technology of 3D printing allows us to manufacture a product of any shape, fully tailored to the project and individual needs of the customer.

Hybrid technology: 3D printing, CNC machining

We offer services using hybrid technologies that combine 3D printing and milling on a CNC machine with the use of specialized software. Hybrid technology of manufacturing provides high efficiency, consistent quality of products, and relatively low production costs.

Technical support

We provide our customers with professional technical support at every stage of the manufacturing process. Our consulting service helps develop the customer concept and select the optimal technology or material.


We guarantee the optimization of the manufacturing process to achieve the highest possible quality of the final product and reduce the costs and time needed to manufacture it.

Quality control

We provide full measurement reports and professional quality control at all stages of the manufacturing process, from prototyping to the final product. The great importance is being attached to meeting all the necessary quality requirements of the products we manufacture.

Tooling for polyamide profiling

Printing tools for profiling polyamide tubes for external customers from the automotive industry is our original initiative, aimed to reduce costs of the manufacturing process by reducing the number of non-conforming parts.

Why is it worth choosing our method?

The tooling printing method proposed by our company eliminates errors based on the human factor and introduces instead accurate 3D CAD modeling and the use of various forms of 3D printing, given the polyamide material characteristics.


short period of manufacturing, High quality, accuracy, and repeatability, low cost of manufacturing, less waste, high strength, ease of making changes, light weight