Find out more about our offer of thermoplastics. Developed with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology in mind, these materials test the limits of functional creation of a part by optimizing costs and improving its quality. These materials allow for achieving excellent mechanical properties that meet the design requirements in many industries.


PA11 is a thermoplastic material, which provides optimal mechanical properties, with increased resistance to tearing and impacts. PA11 offers high chemical resistance and ductility. The material can be used for the production of prototypes and finished parts. Ideal for:

  • snap fit connectors, hinges;
  • design elements;
  • rapid printing of functional prototypes or replacements that need to withstand operation within several weeks.


PA12 is perfect for the manufacturing of fully functional prototype elements and final products. The material offers an ideal balance between the manufacturing quality and the durability of the printed elements. It is also chemically resistant to oils, greases, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and alkalis. There is a certificate of the material’s biocompatibility for products intended for contact with intact skin. Ideal for:

  • rapid prototyping of single elements instead of injection molding;
  • chemical resistant applications;
  • complex assemblies, enclosures, housings;
  • zwatertight applications.


PP can be processed easier than standard PA12. The material ensures proper melting and good lubricity and compatibility due to its small particle size. Automotive manufacturers can use PP to create prototypes and ready-made parts to be mounted outside, inside a vehicle and under a hood. Ideal for:

  • pipes, cable and wire insulation, gas installation lines, air conditioning;
  • laboratory and medical equipment;
  • car fittings, car body parts, bumpers;
  • household appliances, furniture, and toys.


A 40% glass bead-filled thermoplastic allows manufacturing of durable parts. PA12 GB provides very good dimensional stability. It is suitable for manufacturing complex parts with high repeatability. Ideal for:

  • functional prototypes;
  • small and medium series of products;
  • enclosures, housings, and tooling.