HP Multi Jet Fusion

The MJF technology, patented by HP, is based on bonding plastic powders with a movable thermal head and printing heads. The method is distinguished by a very high accuracy, efficiency, and perfect repeatability of the manufacturing process. The manufactured products are characterized by good mechanical strength.

Main advantages

  • High production efficiency
  • Full process automation
  • Clean and environmentally friendly technology
  • High strength of manufactured parts
  • Possibility to create ultra-thin layers


  • Short-run production
  • Prototype models
  • Spare parts for machines
  • Precise architectural models
  • Pre-operative models


drukarka 3D - 3D printer - 3D tlačiareň

HP Jet Fusion

Reliability and versatility in one

Our HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 printer enables industrial prototyping and production of high-quality, functional final products, while maintaining lower production costs. Modern technology guarantees operational reliability even during continuous, complex production processes.

Przedmiot wykonany w technologii 3D trzymany w dłoni - An object made in 3D technology, held in the hand - Objekt vyrobený v 3D technológii, držaný v ruke
obiekty wykonane w technologii druku 3D - objects made in 3D printing technology - predmety vyrobené technológiou 3D tlače

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