Flexible polymers are rubber-like materials characterized by high performance. Due to their properties, these materials can be used very widely, which makes them an extremely versatile material. Flexible polymers are suitable for the most demanding applications in the electronics, automotive industry, medicine, sports and recreation, and many other industries.


TPU is very flexible, while maintaining optimal parameters related to model precision. Additional advantages of this material are its UV resistance and thermal stability. Ideal for:

  • pipes, cables;
  • shock-absorbers;
  • the automotive industry: for example, elements of dashboard;
  • orthopedic appliances.
trzymany w dłoniach obiekt wydrukowany w technologii 3D - an object held in the hands, printed in 3D technology - predmet držaný v rukách, vytlačený 3D technológiou


The main distinguishing features of TPA are lightness, strength, and flexibility. Additional advantages are its ease of processing and resistance to low temperatures (high elongation at break in colder conditions) without changing the polymer properties. Ideal for:

  • automotive components, including air hoses, wiring, fasteners, and more;
  • sports equipment, in particular, winter sports equipment;
  • robotics.
obiekt wykonany w technologii druku 3D - object printed in 3D technology - objekt vytlačený 3D technológiou