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What are 3D scanners used for?

A few decades ago, 3D scanning technology seemed to be an innovation straight from sci-fi movies. Now it radically changes various human activities. Read the article below if you want to find out how 3D scanners work and what the data obtained from high-resolution scanning may be used for. The article describes the operation and Read More

What determines the price of 3D printing services?

Additive technologies are becoming increasingly popular. No wonder, as additive manufacturing has saved many companies a lot of money. If you want to find out what determines the price of 3D printing services, read the article below. It explains not only what determines the 3D printing cost, but also describes how you can save your Read More

FDM Technology

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) is currently one of the most widespread additive technologies in the world, which is confirmed by the large number of installed systems using this technology. Stratasys is considered a pioneer of FDM, focusing on investing in its development since the early 1990s. The basic and most important motivation behind the invention Read More

HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) Technology

As the digitization progresses, the additive manufacturing begins to play an increasingly important role in the broadly defined industrial sector. In many industries, innovative 3D printing technologies are replacing the traditional manufacturing methods used for years. The considerable saving of time, money, and workload make 3D printing an attractive alternative for conscious entrepreneurs. The additive Read More

SLA/LFS Technology

The SLA technology, i.e., stereolithography, is the basic and oldest 3D printing method, developed in 1984. Due to the significant technological progress and development of LFS (Low Force Stereolithography), the technology is still widely used in almost all industries, despite being invented in the 1980s. SLA is now one of the most money-saving manufacturing technologies, Read More

What can be printed on a 3D printer?

Although 3D printing has been developing for over 30 years, it has only recently gained enormous popularity, which is expected to continue growing. No wonder, as the potential of 3D printing is great. 3D-printed objects can be manufactured with high accuracy of various materials and be customized while saving time and money. Find out where Read More

Comparison of 3D printing technologies

The increasing awareness of the benefits of additive technologies and lower prices of 3D printers have significantly contributed to the popularization of 3D printing recently. Due to the availability of many methods of 3D printing on the market, choosing the best technology for a project may turn out to be quite a complicated matter. Manufacturing Read More

Where is reverse engineering used?

At present, reverse engineering is developing as intensively as classical engineering. No wonder, as reverse engineering brings enormous benefits to companies, mainly in terms of saving time and money, as well as due to product optimization. The following article provides examples of how the technique of reverse engineering can be used in various ways. What Read More

How is 3D printing used in automotive industry?

The automotive industry is constantly evolving, and its technological advances are faster than ever before. The interest in modern technologies concerns not only consumers, but also manufactures, who want to meet the market demands and have to reach for the most advanced solutions. Although 3D printing is not one of the newest discoveries, as it Read More
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