Dental resins are materials designed for high-quality 3D printing for laboratories and dentists. For the rapid production of biocompatible surgical guides, splints, fixed patterns and models, transparent overlay models and complete dentures.

Castable Wax

A 20% wax-filled photopolymer, a highly accurate material. Printed patterns are so strong that no post-curing is required. Ideal for:

  • casting and pressing crowns, bridges and RPDs.
implant stomatologiczny wykonany w technologii 3d - dental implant made in 3d technology - zubný implantát vyrobený 3D technológiou

Daylight Dental Model

Designed for creating high-resolution dental models with high accuracy. Capable of producing parts of high hardness, tensile strength, and minimal shrinkage. Ideal for models for thermoforming. Ideal for:

  • dental models;
  • orthodontic study models.
model stomatologiczny wydrukowany w technologii 3D - dental model printed in 3D technology - zubný model vytlačený 3D technológiou


Model resin is a fast-printing material intended for the production of high-accuracy reproduction models. The Resin model was developed to meet the requirements for precision, reliability and efficiency in restorative dentistry. Ideal for:

  • dental models, crowns and bridges;
  • orthodontic models intended for learning.
Wydruk 3D przy użyciu żywicy dentystycznej modelowej