The wide range of materials allows for the production of objects with very different properties. Among the materials at our disposal are those resistant to UV light, with exceptional hardness, with antistatic properties, biocompatible, and flexible. We work with many advanced/professional materials such as Carbon Nylon or Ultem.


CThe main properties of ABS-M30 are strength, lightness, and flexibility. The material is widely used in various industries, as it is ideal for shape and compatibility control, functional prototyping, and other applications related to 3D printing. Ideal for:

  • simulating the appearance of the final product;
  • manufacturing molds for paper pulp;
  • manufacturing tools, instruments, connectors, and press fit connectors.


The main properties of ASA are high mechanical strength, resistance to UV radiation, ease of use, and design repeatability. Its resistance to UV radiation makes ASA well-suited to manufacturing of final components for infrastructure and commercial applications. Ideal for:

  • housings, covers, and cover caps,
  • parts exposed to sunlight;
  • outdoor applications;
  • automotive and aerospace industries.


PC-ISO is a biocompatible polycarbonate material, which can be sterilized. It is a durable, heat-resistant thermoplastic construction material. These features make PC-ISO well suited for applications in the medical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. Ideal for:

  • medical device manufacturing;
  • food and drug packaging.


Its strength and excellent fatigue properties make NYLON 12 ideal for applications involving snap fit connectors, press fit inserts, and vibration-resistant parts. The material is resistant to moderate chemicals. Ideal for:

  • models with high fatigue resistance, spare parts, and subassemblies;
  • tools, devices, connectors, and press fit connectors;
  • parts for the aerospace, automotive industries, and consumer goods production.


NYLON 12 CF combines NYLON 12 and chopped fiber to make the resulting material both rigid, strong, and light. NYLON 12CF provides strength and stiffness that can replace metal in some applications. Due to this thermoplastic material, lighter, but equally strong final products can be created. Ideal for:

  • lightweight, durable parts able to replace metal;
  • spare parts;
  • tooling, instruments, and components for machines.

ULTEM 9085

ULTEM 9085 is a flame-retardant, high-performance thermoplastic with high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent heat resistance, and high impact strength. It also has good smoke emission/toxicity and burning characteristics. ULTEM 9085 meets the stringent test criteria required by the aerospace industry. Ideal for:

  • small and medium series of products;
  • models with high fatigue resistance, spare parts, and subassemblies;
  • tools, devices, connectors, and press fit connectors.

ULTEM 1010

ULTEM 1010 is characterized by high heat resistance and the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion among materials. With its high strength properties, ULTEM 1010 is ideal for demanding and specialized applications such as lightweight composite tools. The material is biocompatible and food-contact certified. Ideal for:

  • food contact products;
  • food production tools;
  • surgical and dental instruments.


ANTERO 800NA has excellent physical and mechanical properties. In addition to being strong and wear-resistant, Antero 800NA is characterized by high strength, high heat resistance, minimal outgassing, and excellent chemical resistance. The material is used as a lighter alternative to aluminum and steel. Ideal for:

  • subassemblies for the automotive industry;
  • parts for the aerospace industry;
  • spare parts/objects operated in challenging environment.


ST130 is a thermoplastic material that simplifies the manufacturing of hollow composite parts. In printing, it is recommended to use a standard, triangular infill pattern to optimize the printing speed and save material. Ideal for the automotive, aerospace, and sporting goods industries. Ideal for:

  • production of complex tools (sacrificial tooling).


ABS-ESD7 prevents the accumulation of electrostatic charges, which is important for electronic components, industrial appliances, and jigs and fixtures for the assembly of electronic components. The material prevents a buildup of static electricity, so it will not produce a static shock or cause other materials like powders, dust and fine particles to stick to it. Ideal for:

  • electronic enclosures;
  • subassemblies of electronic products;
  • parts with static dissipative properties.


PC is a strong, dimensionally stable, heat-resistant plastic with good impact strength. Due to its rigidity and stability, printed parts retain their shape and dimensional accuracy. The material is used in the aerospace, machinery, automotive, and medical industries. Ideal for:

  • conceptual modeling;
  • tools, instruments, machine handles, covers;
  • spare parts.


High-impact thermoplastic construction material, ideal for functional prototyping, tool making and small series production. PC-ABS incorporates the best features of polycarbonate and ABS material, combining the thermal resistance of PC and the bending strength of ABS. PC-ABS provides excellent quality of details and surface finish; it is hard and resistant to high temperatures. Ideal for:

  • automotive, electronics, and telecommunications applications;
  • manufacturing tools and production parts;
  • manufacturing accessories for machines and appliances.


ANTERO 840CN03 is a thermoplastic material with electrostatic dissipation (ESD) properties. Characterized by high mechanical, thermal and wear resistance, and ultra-low outgassing. Ideal for:

  • cable holders;
  • parts for the aerospace industry;
  • subassemblies for the automotive industry.