3D printing materials for engineering, manufacturing, and product design. Reliable engineering resins are designed to help you cut costs, accelerate iteration, and bring better experiences to the market. Whether you want to optimize your manufacturing processes, test a material for prototyping, or look for new solutions – engineering resins are designed to withstand extensive testing and perform well under load.

Grey Pro

A versatile, functional material for prototyping. Grey Pro Resin is designed for moderate elongation, high heat resistance, and low creep. Models are suitable for repeatable testing. Ideal for:

  • prototypes of products to be made from injection molding;
  • molds for plastics, silicones;
  • jigs and fixtures.
obiekt wykonany w technologii druku 3D - object printed in 3D technology - objekt vytlačený 3D technológiou

Rigid 4000

Glass-filled Rigid 4000 Resin prints with a smooth, polished finish and is ideal for stiff and strong parts that can withstand minimal deflection. Ideal for:

  • mounts and brackets;
  • jigs and fixtures;
  • thin-walled parts.
obiekty wykonane w technologii druku 3D - objects made in 3D printing technology - predmety vyrobené technológiou 3D tlače

Rigid 10k

This highly glass-filled rigid resin is one of the stiffest materials. Rigid 10k Resin has a tensile modulus of 10,000 MPa. Choose Rigid 10K Resin for precise industrial parts that need to withstand significant load without bending. Rigid 10K Resin is highly resistant to heat and chemicals. Ideal for:

  • short-run injection mold masters and inserts;
  • turbines and fan blades.
obiekty wykonane w technologii druku 3D - objects made in 3D printing technology - predmety vyrobené technológiou 3D tlače

High Temp v2

A strong material. High Temp Resin has a heat deflection temperature (HDT) of 238 °C @ 0.45 MPa. Use it to print pieces for casting and thermoforming. Ideal for:

  • heat resistant mounts, housings, and fixtures;
  • heat resistant tools;
  • prototype molds;
  • vulcanized rubber molds.
dyfuzor wykonany w technologii 3D - diffuser made in 3D technology - difúzor vyrobený 3D technológiou

Tough 1500, Tough 2000 i Durable

Resilient, rigid, and strong materials for functional prototyping. Tough 1500, Tough 2000 and Durable Resins simulate the properties of materials used in the plastic injection molding process. These resins can withstand compression, tension, bending and impacting without breaking. Ideal for:

  • wearable prototypes;
  • connectors;
  • housings;
  • jigs and fixtures.
Wydruk 3D okularów z żywicy inżynieryjnej Tough 1500, Tough 2000 i Durable

Flexible 80A

A flexible resin, with an 80A Shore durometer to simulate the flexibility of rubber. Flexible 80A Resin can withstand bending, flexing, and compression, even through repeated cycles. Ideal for:

  • consumer goods prototyping;
  • special effects props and models;
  • gaskets.
obiekt wykonany w technologii druku 3D - object printed in 3D technology - objekt vytlačený 3D technológiou

Elastic 50A

This 50A Shore durometer material is suitable for prototyping parts normally produced with silicone. Choose Elastic 50A Resin for parts that will bend, stretch, compress, and hold up to repeated cycles without tearing. Ideal for:

  • stretchable enclosures and casings;
  • smartwatch straps.
obiekt wykonany w technologii druku 3D - object printed in 3D technology - objekt vytlačený 3D technológiou

Daylight Castable

Daylight Castable resin is designed for precise, high-resolution casting molds, with almost no thermal expansion. Ideal for:

  • jewelry molds.
model jubilerski wydrukowany w technologii 3D - a jewelery model printed in 3D technology - model šperku vytlačený 3D technológiou

Daylight Flexible

Daylight Flexible resin is suitable for printing elements that retain some flexibility but are also stiff. Printed pieces can return to their original shape after being bent, compressed, or stretched to a certain extent. Ideal for:

  • rubber elements, such as rubber seals, bicycle seats;
  • special effects props and models;
  • fixtures and various types of joints;
  • clamps.
modele wydrukowane w technologii 3D - models printed in 3D technology - modely vytlačené 3D technológiou

Daylight Firm

Daylight Firm Resin is designed for printing parts with very high hardness requirements, which must also retain their flexibility. Printed parts stay flexible to a certain extent when compressed and hold their shape, whilst also being able to bend and flex slightly without snapping. Ideal for:

  • art and design prints;
  • architectural models;
  • electronic enclosures;
  • car parts.
Wydruk 3D ośmiornicy wykonany z żywicy inżynieryjnej Daylight Firm

Daylight Hard

Daylight Hard Resin has the highest degree of hardness and is ideal for making very hard parts, with certain shrinkage and fast curing. Printed parts are resistant to high pressure and stretching. Daylight Hard Resin is designed to simulate models made of glass or metal, not yielding to the pressure of an applied force. Ideal for:

  • engineering prototypes;
  • toys;
  • microfluidic devices;
  • models of metal components, such as an engine block.
model szczęki wydrukowany w technologii 3D - jaw model printed in 3D technology - model čeľuste vytlačený 3D technológiou

Daylight High Tensile

Daylight High Tensile Resin is optimized for making prints with the highest tensile strength. Used where the durability of the printed parts is a key requirement. Capable of producing incredibly detailed parts along with good resolution. Ideal for:

  • strong and durable high-precision parts;
  • models of car parts;
  • microfluidic devices.
obiekt wykonany w technologii druku 3D - object printed in 3D technology - objekt vytlačený 3D technológiou

Alumina 4N

Alumina 4N resin is a high-density, high-purity ceramic 3D printing material with exceptional performance in extreme conditions: thermally resistant, hard, abrasion-resistant, mechanically strong and chemically inert. Ideal for:

  • housings and covers of connectors, terminal blocks;
  • spark plug insulators, electrical mountings, insulating tubes;
  • crucibles, mixing tools, metal filters.
Wydruk 3D z żywicy inżynieryjnej Alumina 4N

Flame Retardant

Flame Retardant resin is used to easily 3D print flame-retardant, heat-resistant and rigid parts that will perform well for a long time in indoor and industrial environments with high temperatures or ignition sources. Ideal for:

  • interior parts of airplanes, cars and trains;
  • internal components of consumer or medical electronics;
  • custom instruments, fixtures and spare parts for industrial environments.
Wydruk 3D z żywicy inżynieryjnej Flame Retardant

Silicone 40A

Silicone 40A resin is the first 100% silicone resin available for 3D printing. With this 40A Shore hardness material, you can produce soft, pliable and durable parts that can withstand repeated cycles of stretching, bending and compression. Ideal for:

  • seals, connectors and silencers for automotive, robotics and manufacturing;
  • individual prosthetics, orthoses and medical devices;
  • carrying articles, handles and grippers.
Wydruk 3D z żywicy inżynieryjnej Silicone 40A


ESD resin is a cost-effective solution for producing static dissipative parts designed to withstand use on the production floor. Ideal for:

  • tools and equipment for electronics production;
  • antistatic prototype and final components;
  • custom trays for carrying and storing components.
Wydruk 3D z żywicy inżynieryjnej ESD

PU Rigid 650

Rigid 650 PU resin is worth choosing to obtain flexible, durable and impact-resistant parts that can maintain dimensional accuracy under load. Ideal for:

  • noise dampening elements;
  • bumpers and shock absorbers;
  • flexible mechanical connectors.
Wydruk 3D z żywicy PU Rigid 650

PU Rigid 1000

PU Rigid 1000 is ideal for stiff, durable and unyielding polyurethane parts that repeatedly tolerate high stress environments and high impacts. Ideal for:

  • instruments and equipment subject to heavy loads;
  • protective housings.
Wydruk 3D z żywicy PU Rigid 1000