Use 3D printing solutions to quickly create prototypes of medical devices. You can produce high-performance prototypes that withstand thermal, chemical, and mechanical stress. The available materials available also cover dental and orthodontic activities.


ABS-M30i is a biocompatible and durable material, perfectly suitable for medical engineering and the pharmaceutical industry. It can be used for the manufacturing of surgical models, medical instruments and accessories, as well as for the manufacturing of drug packaging. ABS-M30i can be sterilized. This material can be used for products in contact with the skin, food, and drugs. Ideal for:

  • food and drug packaging;
  • applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries;
  • dentistry.
model dentystyczny 3D - 3D dental model - 3D model zubov


PC-ISO is a biocompatible polycarbonate material, which can be sterilized. It is a durable, heat-resistant thermoplastic construction material. These features make PC-ISO well suited for applications in the medical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. Ideal for:

  • medical device manufacturing;
  • food and drug packaging.
model anatomiczny 3D - 3D anatomical model - 3D anatomický model

ULTEM 1010

ULTEM 1010 is characterized by high heat resistance and the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion among materials. With its high strength properties, ULTEM 1010 is ideal for demanding and specialized applications such as lightweight composite tools. The material is biocompatible and food-contact certified. Ideal for:

  • food contact products;
  • food production tools;
  • surgical and dental instruments.
model wydrukowany w technologii 3D we wnętrzu drukarki - model printed in 3D technology inside the printer - model vytlačený 3D technológiou vo vnútri tlačiarne